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Bungalows and Bears Bar Sheffield, Guide & Review

Bungalows and Beers is a strange bar located at the center of the Devonshire Quarter. It’s been home to good food, music, and drinks for over a decade. The roomy bar is located in what was once a fire station. There is a bar on one side; the musicians play adjacent to it as there is no sound stage. All the crowd stands all around the hall, sipping on their drinks while they jam to the music. One part of the bar has tables and booths for seating, while the other is more of an open hall for music lovers.
There are many offers on food like pizzas, tapas, and bottomless brunches. Other offers are on shots or two-for-one cocktails as well. Whether you’re in the mood for catching up after work over small plates or a more hearty meal, there are both types of food on the menu. The menu is divided into sections: tapas, shareable, gourmet burgers, sourdough pizza, hot off the grill, classics done right, wraps, paninis, and salads. It is no hidden fact that their burgers are what most people go for, like the classic cheese and bacon.
You can get cocktails, gin mixes, spirits, beer, ciders, and sparkling and wine options in terms of drinks. You can order the classic ‘Purple Rain’, a mix of cherry sours and DK blue curacao with lemonade. A retro classic that can’t go wrong. They also host all major sports events here that you can join with your group of friends. Or if you want company while you watch the game, that’s also a good choice. From rugby to football to boxing, they play them all
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