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Rocky Patel is well-known in the cigar industry and lives in Naples. Burn by Rocky Patel at Mercato is his first trademark cigar and premium drinks lounge. Burn, according to Patel, is an advance in cigar lounges with a design that draws on an exotic combination of Mediterranean, Asian, and Cuban traditions. Burn is a haven for folks who like excellent cigars, premium beverages, and live music. Top DJs and musicians attend the trendy late-night hangout, adding to the sensual vibe. Menu options are available from Mercato’s adjacent eateries, including the Cavo Lounge gastropub next door, which serves small dishes in the evening. One thing is certain: Burn isn’t subtle. It’s like entering a magnificent Moroccan palace, complete with stained glass lamps, intricate tile work, and jewel-encrusted trees. 

The true lure here, though, is the state-of-the-art humidor, which houses over 400 quality hand-rolled cigars that pair well with one of the bar’s barrel-aged Manhattans. It has an upscale locale offering fine cigars & high-end spirits in a swanky space with outdoor seating. They will welcome you to BURN by Rocky Patel. They are located in Naples, FL, with their evolved cigar lounge. So, it is a luxury experience drawing on Mediterranean, Asian, and Cuban cultures. Join them at BURN by Rocky Patel for their regular live performances, resident DJ, and our calendar of Cigar Lounge Events. VIP service at BURN by Rocky Patel is a private and personal experience meant to provide your group with the highest degree of amenity. Premium items and meticulous attention to detail create unforgettable experiences for all occasions. 

Whether you want an intimate evening for your wedding anniversary or nuptial engagement, or a spectacular birthday party, BURN’s personnel and ambiance will exceed your expectations. Please fill out the VIP Service Request Form on their website. They will contact you within 24 hours of your request. They will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. At all times, an appropriate, attractive dress must be worn. Caps, casual shorts, open-toed shoes, and sporting gear are not permitted. Gentlemen must wear casual business clothes, such as collared shirts or sports coats. Ladies are not permitted to wear sports apparel or anything badly torn. So, ultimately, everything about this bar is excellent, and you will return after one visit. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this bar at least once. 

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