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Burnhearts has a great beer bar with year-round events. It is a small neighborhood haunt featuring clever cocktails & craft beer on tap, plus pool & shuffleboard. A trendy bar in Bay View where everyone is welcome, not just hipsters? Whoa. If the impressive and ever-changing beer list doesn’t get you in the door, perhaps the unique cocktails or events like Mittenfest and obscure brewery tap takeovers will. Burnhearts keeps making its way onto national “best of” lists, but it will never lose its chill. There’s excellent, and then there’s cool that comes naturally. Burnhearts is the latter, as well as homey and personal. The tremendous and carefully chosen tap selection should go without saying. Burnhearts is a fundamental community institution located in the BayView district, a 10-minute drive south of downtown Milwaukee

This bar also hosts two outdoor live-music events each year to promote the local music scene: Mitten Fest in early April and Pabst Street Party in late June/early July. Craft beer enthusiasts will enjoy the selection, which includes beers from the Midwest, Mountain States, West Coast, and East Coast. The atmosphere is pleasant and homely, like being in someone’s living room, with unique furnishings and wall art. You know that guy that’s always screaming “Freebird!” at concerts because he’s so into that song and Lynyrd Skynyrd that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it? I’m kind of like that with Burnhearts. Even if Burnhearts gets over-exposed and people stop thinking it’s cool, I will still dig it. 

Thirty years from now, I wanna be that guy that goes into other bars and screams out, “Burnhearts!” We’re going to sit around a table and talk about our good times there. “Hey, you guys remember when we had those super solid drinks at Burnhearts?” The question is, “Which time?”. Every time is super solid. I want to be that old guy in the retirement home rocking the Burnhearts trucker hat in the summer and the Burnhearts beanie in the winter. I’ll tell my grandkids about the ridiculous tap and lust-worthy bottle lists. The bourbon barrel is brandy old fashioneds—the brandy slushies. I’ll be nostalgic for all of the Mittenfests and Pabst Street Parties. I’ll think back on the great bartenders. I want to be like the “Freebird!” guy. I don’t care what you think about it. I love it. Two Chainz intends to be buried in a Gucci store. Bury me in Burnhearts. 

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