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Butter San Francisco, Guide & Review

Searching for an amazing karaoke bar in San Francisco? Butter Bar is the place to be! Butter’s bar was created from the ground up, and built around an ‘island bar’. With a constant eye on providing the perfect complimentary beverage pairings to their unique cuisine. They serve only the freshest Pabst Blue Ribbon with a wide selection of other 16 oz. tallboy canned beers. Butter is located at 354 11th street, San Francisco, California 94103 between Folsom and Harrison in San Francisco’s Western Soma District. 

They’ve been holding down the block since ’99, and are directly across from BuzzWorks Craft Spirits & Sports bar, adjacent to the DNA, Audio, & Halcyon with SOMA street Food just one Block south of us. Butter has a great vibe here on a Friday night, great music, a variety of drinks that are reasonably priced, decent prices, good DJ music mixes, incredible vibes, tasty drink specials, creative selection of drinks, fun crowd, chic decor, awesome projector screens, good crowd for karaoke night, and courteous & friendly staff. Also, exclusively available at Butter are a host of ridiculously strong cocktails prepared with their signature recipe vodka that was formulated specifically for their original drink menu. The white trash theme is absolutely perfect and done so well. The room is spacious with plenty of seating and dancing space.  

This place feels like a college frat party fever dream in the best way possible. Such a fun and unique place where every adult can live their childhood again through the creative menu. Great place all around. The aesthetic is real! The spot is worth the visit every time you’re in San Francisco for an amazing experience. You’ll not be dissapointed! See you there tonight!

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