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On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Buzios. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Buzios is an international destination that became a sensation after Brigitte Bardot visited it in the 1960s. Since that time, it has enjoyed a growing popularity year after year. This exclusive getaway is particularly prized by high society folks who come here to take a break from their busy lives. 

The main highlight that travelers to the city see is the exclusivity of the place. It has rapidly become an upscale travel destination that features fin dining, villas, and luxury boutiques. It also has a rich history of Portuguese occupation from where it gets its signature look. Indeed, its historical past is often something tourists tend to explore, along with the great selections of restaurants and bars. 

It is a peninsula and is surrounded on three sides by a clear, blue ocean. The beaches all along the coast can offer a wide range of things to do for visitors. 

About Armação dos Búzios

Armação dos Búzios

A tourist site visited by people from the world over, Armação dos Búzios or just Buzios, has become a center of high society getaways. Virtually unknown until the 1960s, it has since become a significant destination for the rich and famous.

As an international tourist destination, it boasts over 23 beaches that travelers can explore. The beaches on the western coast have a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Whereas the beaches on the eastern shore have a wilder ambiance, drawing adventure enthusiasts to its waves. 

The Rua das Pedras, the main street running through Buzios, offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs for an active nightlife scene and some good shopping spots as well. 

Buzios offers a treat for a variety of travelers. Adventure seekers can enjoy surfing and snorkeling at the beaches. For those looking to relax, beachside cafes and shacks offer a comforting presence. And, of course, for those looking to party like there’s no tomorrow, several bars and nightclubs are at their service.

Located 176Km from Rio de Janeiro, it offers much in the way of a destination where you can relax during the day and party it up at night.

Culture of Armação dos Búzios

Buzios is a celebrated destination, known for its luxury and the exclusive nature of the travelers coming to its shores. Having a rich heritage that is abundant in Brazil itself, the European touch to its buildings, people, and culture is quite apparent from the get-go.

With the Portuguese occupation, Brazil came under their rule. This led to a mix in the culture, language, and heritage of both nations. This cultural heritage comes to the forefront when visiting. Portuguese-inspired buildings, cobblestone streets are crisscrossing the town and the cultural heritage left behind by the Europeans.

Nightlife in Armação dos Búzios

Nightlife in Armação dos Búzios

No trip to Buzios would be complete without experiencing its vibrant and exciting nightlife. The streets through the central city offer up a dazzling collection of bars, clubs, lounges, and restaurants to occupy the senses. Filled with happening party locations, you can find something to do all night.

Along with the various places to get great booze and catch some fantastic music and dancing, no night is complete without delicious food. With a yearly festival aimed at the culinary arts, Buzios enjoys international as well as local cuisines. So naturally, seafood is delicious here, with local Brazilian seafood dishes a must-have. 

All in all, Buzios, as a traveler’s getaway, enjoys the luxury of high society and the simpleness of the average traveler come to experience all that this peninsula has to offer.

Bars in Armação dos Búzios

Mofaia Bar

Mofaia Bar

A Jamaican expression meaning “more fire” is an apt description for this bar as the patrons enjoy their drinks in a place filled with positivity and passion. Come for the wide selection of drinks they serve.

Timings: Monday to Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. | Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Location: R. Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 142 – CENTRO, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 98146-2944

Website: https://mofaia-bar.negocio.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Anexo Bar Búzios

Anexo Bar Búzios

A location that is also pet friendly, enjoys the great view of the sea as you take a drink with your friends and family. Then, with a dance lounge and music playing, enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Timings: Sunday and Monday 12:00 p.m. | Tuesday 12:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. | Wednesday 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. | Friday and Saturday 12:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. 

Location: Orla Bardot – Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 392 – Lot. Triangulo de Buzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 2623-6837

Website: https://www.almarebuzios.com.br/

Tapas Bar, Búzios

Tapas Bar, Búzios

Enjoy delicious beer, spicy snacks, and live music at Tapas Bar. They serve tasty seafood, including oysters, mussels, and shrimp, along with delicious food.

Timings: Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. | Saturday to Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Location: Estr. da Usina Velha, 300 – loja 4 – Village de Búzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 99249-7969



Relax in the ambiance of 74 Snack Bar as you sip on your drinks and sustainably eat the delicious meals made by the incredible chef. Located in the Casas Brancas hotel, take a bite out of the unique dishes prepared as you take in the gorgeous view. 

Timings: Open daily from 6:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

Location: Orla Bardot – Lot. Triangulo de Buzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 98109-6774

Website: https://casasbrancas.com.br/

Restaurants in Armação dos Búzios

A.mar restaurant

A.mar restaurant

Serving regional food in the typical Brazilian style, the owners have a loving and comfortable ambiance. For delicious food and drink, Amar is the place in Buzios that the entire family can enjoy.

Timings: Monday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Tuesday Closed | Wednesday an Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. | Friday 12:00 p.m – 10:00 p.m | Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m.

Location: Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 2900 – Loja 9 – Manguinhos, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 2623-8526

Website: https://amar-brazilian-restaurant.negocio.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Mistico Restaurant

Mistico Restaurant

Mistico is the place to go among the stand-out seafood restaurants if you want to enjoy the fresh catch from the ocean. Located in the Pousada Abracadabra hotel, enjoy the down-to-earth atmosphere.

Timings: Monday to Wednesday 3:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. | Thursday – Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Location: R. Morro do Humaitá, 13 – Lot. Triangulo de Buzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 98843-8853

Website: https://www.abracadabrapousada.com.br/restaurante

Baroque – Culinária Européia Slow Food


Maintaining quality in their food is the gold standard. It offers traditional Brazilian dishes prepared in conventional ways; this place is a culinary delight.

Timings: Closed on Monday and Tuesday | Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Location: R. das Palmeiras, 7 – Manguinhos, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 2623-1605

Artesano Búzios Pizzaria 

Artesano Búzios Pizzaria 8

Featuring various pizzas with an even more significant number of toppings, their pizzas all have a homemade quality, and the feeling of hospitality they evoke is certain.

Timings: Sunday – Thursday from 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Friday and Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Location: R. Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 70 – Loja 7 – Centro, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Phone: +55 22 99810-7171

Website: http://www.artesanobuziospizzaria.com.br/

Nightclubs in Armação dos Búzios 



This is arguably among the most famous clubs in Buzios. It also hosts the most happening concerts in the city. You can come here to get some delicious drinks and dance the night away. It operates till morning, so the party can continue till the sun comes up. It is also located on the famous Orla Bardot, which is a hub of exclusive nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. It is a beachfront property that has been built along Armacao Beach. 

It also contains multiple sections within such as a pub, terrace, and mezzanine so that visitors can do what they like at their own pace. As an internationally renowned club, it has hosted and continues to host artists from all over the world. 

You will have a memorable night at Privilege and maybe even stay to see the beautiful sunrise. It is a fantastic combination of thumping music, choice drinks, and a great crowd. So excite yourself up and pay a visit to the international sensation that is a Privilege.

Timings: Saturdays 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Phone: +55 22 2623-5472

Address: Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 550 – Centro, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

Website: https://www.privilegebrasil.com/casa/buzios 



One of the more happening places which have gained a lot of prominences is Zapata. Located on the famed Orla Bardot, this is the place to go to for fantastic music and even better company. Zapata is a favored haunt of singles looking to mingle, and as such, it has a thriving scene every night. 

It hosts a variety of musical acts and genres, from samba to reggae and electronica. In addition, the live music scene is host to a lot of local shows that play regularly. So groove to the beats from the evening and do not stop even when the sun comes up. 

Timings: Every day, 7 p.m. to 10 a.m.

Address: Orla Bardot, 352 – como é conhecida por todos 1112, Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas – Lot. Triangulo de Buzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil 

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Buzios?

Buzios is a tropical location and enjoys warmer weather throughout the year. Therefore, it is possible to visit it year-round. The high season when it becomes the most popular is from November and throughout till February. March to September are the less crowded seasons with warm weather persisting.

How to get around Buzios?

Minivans and taxis are your best bet when traveling around. The place is reasonably small, and there is a main road running along with the town with branching roads to the various locations peeling off from it.

Travelers should take care that taxis may be an expensive option, and as such, the minivans are a great way to get your exploring done as they ply on all routes leading to and away from the town and its various locations.

Is Buzios budget-friendly?

The average cost of accommodation in Buzios can be anywhere from $152 to $305. The budget for food and travel can be more affordable since there are many places where they serve food and drinks at reasonable prices. The beaches are accessible, and the cost of sporting activities is also quite affordable. 

Is Buzios safe to travel?

Buzios is known for its exclusive and high-flying nightlife and a whale host of bars and nightclubs, along with a relaxed and chilled-out environment. There are tons of places to relax in this fantastic nightlife destination. You can enjoy yourself along the beaches, cafes or show off your moves in nightclubs. Local authorities try to make sure that travelers remain in a safe and friendly environment. However, travelers should be mindful of taking care of their surroundings and valuables.

What are the best things to do in Buzios?

  • Visit Rua das Pedras for food, shopping and fun
  • Take a photo with the Brigitte Bardot Statue.
  • Visit the various beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy the sea
  • Experience adventure activities like surfing, kayaking, and banana boats


So, you have come this far! Doesn’t Buzios reflect the ambiance and atmosphere of Brazil itself with its laid-back attitude paired with a need to party and live it up during the night? As a destination, it became famous for how high society came here to be alone. It has grown tremendously since then and has become an international destination for travelers from the world over. 

Experience this place for yourself and visit for a taste of what Brazil is all about. Food, Drinks, Sports, Music, and Fun await for you to kick start your most incredible Brazilian holiday. We hope that this guide has been helpful. So what are you waiting for? Plan one of the best trips to Buzios for a fantastic nightlife experience.

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