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Caddy Shack Kansas City, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great Dive bar in Kansas City? Check out CaddyShack. CaddyShack is family owned and operated since 1993. Caddy Shack is full of locals and regulars. Great pizza and pub down in Little Italy/River Market area. The pizza is a delicious thin crust with lots of toppings and the chicken parm sandwich might be one of KC’s best. A great neighborhood bar where they make you feel at home.

CaddyShack features great pizza – hands down the best pizza in Kansas City; delicious food; excellent service; strong & tasty reasonably priced drinks; friendly, attentive & accommodating staff; great environment; chic decor; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; stylish interior; great music and DJs; awesome outdoor patio; and lots of TVs with various sports – there’s a lot of TVs around so if you looking for somewhere to enjoy a sporting event that would be a great place to go. Great place near the city market for a drink or late night food.bCaddy Shack has always been a staple in KC for its Pizza.

What a little cozy hole in the wall sports bar. Seems to be a popular local pub to visit. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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