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Cafe Brass Monkey Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Great karaoke bar in Los Angeles. Cafe Brass Monkey was born in 1971. It’s located in the rear of the building at 3440 Wilshire, this Koreatown staple has been providing a drive bar stage for your karaoke anthems longer than most regulars can remember. Funky Koreatown fixtures draw crowds with karaoke, specialty cocktails & a high-energy atmosphere.  A neighborhood bar for more than two decades this place has come into its own in a very cool way. Karaoke is the main event and it’s a fun place to let the inner star within you shine. Arguably the most notorious karaoke dive in the city, Brass Monkey is located in the ground floor of a nondescript Koreatown, this ski lodge-styled room has one of the most comprehensive karaoke song books in the city. If you wanna Rock, submit your song selections early in the evening. 

Cafe Brass Monkey offers a great bar style menu for lunch and dinner, fantastic ambiance, lots of room to dance, reasonably priced drinks, decent bar snacks, great excellent service, live performances, cool speakeasy atmosphere, cool DJ, friendly fun-filled crowd, variety of drink choices, delicious food, great dancers, and friendly and helpful staff. Although they are located at the business hub of Los Angeles the prices are average for great staff members. A place where you can sing for your pleasure. Sing on stage or from a place or just listen to others sing and cheer on the singer. 

Cafe Brass Monkey operational hours are Monday through Friday from 11am to 2am. This place is super fun! Full of a pumping fun atmosphere and interactive crowd makes your karaoke experience seriously fun! The staff is polite and fun! Great high energy vibe!! Super cool place! Enjoy watching a game, chill by the bar or sing along with karaoke stars every evening. Good place to relax and chat with family and friends. A must check out place when you are in Los Angeles. Highly recommended for an amazing karaoke experience with your friends or family.

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