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Cafe Negrito Valencia, Guide & Review

One of the most popular places in the city, especially during those summer months when the crowds disperse to the popular and spacious square nearby, Café Negrito hosts a young and lively crowd who stay late into the night to drink and be merry. Whether you want a fully cold beer or a creative cocktail, Café Negrito has it all. With a cozy interior, similar to many Spanish bars, its large terrace can accommodate a large crowd. Traditionally attracting an intellectual clientele, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing sit-down and inspiring conversation under the soothing Spanish sun.

From the cozy, intimate interior to the expansive terrace, you can easily work your way in and out of this Spanish bar as you mingle with other guests.

Cafe El Negrito is one of Carmen’s most popular establishments, and in the summer months, the crowd regularly spills into the square of the same name. The crowd is young, the atmosphere is lively, and the drinks flow until the wee hours of the morning. Anything you want, really.

Serving wines, creative cocktails, and delicious food, it’s a great place to start and end the night with everything from coffee to cocktails.

For artists, intellectuals, and the socially conscious of Valencia, Café Negrito is equal parts sustenance and inspiration. Although this cafe has undergone numerous changes over the years, it has retained its bohemian feel and is still popular with the city’s intellectuals. In addition to the usual café fare, El Negrito also offers sustenance of artistic diversity through temporary exhibitions, live music, and events that showcase the efforts of various local NGOs. Enjoy a drink and some people-watching from the cafe’s outdoor seating in Plaza Negrito.

The café attracts many locals, making it the perfect place to practice your Spanish or engage in stimulating conversations with Valencians, who will be happy to tell you everything they love about life in Spain.

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