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Café Van Kleef Bar Oakland, Guide & Review


Have a seat and enjoy live music at Cafe Van Kleef. This eclectic bar is known as a relaxation spot after a tough day at work. From the funky lighting to the decor and the people you’ll meet here, this is the place for you to enjoy the night. The punk and rock music playing at the back while you enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends will undoubtedly have you in the mood. The place offers a selected variety of drinks and no food, but the drinks are certainly worth coming for.
Cafe Van Kleef is known to make some killer Greyhounds which is why they only serve those but have different styles. The ‘Classic Greyhound’ is one you can never go wrong with; it’s made up of vodka and freshly squeezed grapefruit and is refreshing. The ‘Dirty Dog’ is another specialty that is considered to be the perfect combination of strong and refreshing, consisting of whiskey, angostura bitters, and grapefruit juice. If you’re more of a tequila guy, choose the ‘Paloma’, which also has a splash of soda and some lime juice to give it that citrusy kick. For the gin lovers, they serve the ‘Bulldog,’ which is also dashed with a grapefruit slice and some juice to give it that extra flavor. They have also opened up their outside area where you enjoy your drink with the city lights and some fresh air. On selected days, they have DJ nights, performers, and karaoke bars set up for your entertainment.
Stop by Cafe Van Kleef to enjoy their Greyhounds and vibe along with the music with your friends and family; you’ll definitely leave satisfied.

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