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Callahans Irish Pub & Grill Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing Irish Pub in Los Angeles? Callahan’s Irish Pub & Grill is the place to head to. Callahan’s Irish Pub & Grill features plenty of craft beers, tasty cocktails, delicious food – mouth-watering Irish Pub Burger, Prime Rib sandwich, hot wings, bowl of chili, salads and much more. 

Callahan’s Irish Pub & Grill features great strong & tasty drinks, delicious food, friendly bartenders, friendly people, lots of TVs, great vibe, good music, a good menu, and beer selection, great service, karaoke night, a full bar, fine outdoor area, great band, great scenery – there is always a lovely view to enjoy, cool cocktails, beautiful ladies, awesome tacos, great atmosphere, and great prices. Callahan’s Irish Pub & Grill has a variety of events throughout the week including DJs, live bands, dancing, UFC fights, NFL Sunday Ticket, the MLB package where you can catch all of your favorite teams, and other special events. Patrons are treated with the utmost respect. Here there’s something for everyone! 

If you like mixed drinks or beer Callahan’s Irish Pub & Grill is highly recommended to anyone who wants to relax and have a good time. A good place for a pint and a pause of the day. Highly recommend this spot for an experience in Los Angeles. Great place to hang out with friends and also alone to meet new friends.

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