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Camp 4 Wine Café is a wine bar serving panini, charcuterie, cheese & beer in a spare-looking space with outdoor seating. Camp 4 Wine Cafe, as the name indicates, is passionate about fine wine. The wine list is extensive, and the food is fantastic and not to be missed. Gourmet panini, small nibbles, and a charcuterie and cheese selection with both local and foreign alternatives are available on the menu. During the dinner hour, Camp 4 also serves a daily-changing bruschetta starter with inventive taste combinations such as burrata with heirloom tomatoes and piquillo pepper with Manchego and sun-dried tomatoes. Climbers Camp 4, located on the north side of the road right across from Yosemite Lodge, has a restaurant, cafeteria, bar, lounge, store, and rooms for people who do not wish to camp or stay at Yosemite’s high-end Ahwahnee Hotel. 

Camp 4 is and has always been a shabby place. That’s one of the reasons we appreciate it so much: it’s not tidy and organized like other Valley campgrounds. When we first went there, in the early 1950s, there was already a climbers’ camp, with enormous rocks and tents strewn around. The Park Service must have felt it was suitable for climbers. They were correct. We enjoyed the boulders and were relieved to have a place to lay our sleeping bags on the ground. We could find a table for our campground and relocate it if we didn’t like where it was. Camp 4 was our “home,” our haven from the “out there world.” Tourists in huge RVs would occasionally park there, possibly due to overcrowding in the Valley’s east-end campsites. They didn’t generally remain long. They didn’t like the chaos, but it was perfect for climbers. 

The 1960′s were a period of enormous social upheaval, with war, demonstrations, and university closures. However, we climbers mainly disregarded it. We focussed on Yosemite’s walls. We also spent a lot of time at Camp 4 discussing literature, philosophy, females, life in general, and, of course, our upcoming ascent. Camp 4 was a fantastic spot to eat, live, visit with friends, and drink a bit – an excellent area to congregate. Camp 4 offers a large selection of wines and beers from all over the globe; they also specialize in fantastic Panino sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie, and fresh salads, utilizing local ingredients from this amazing Valley whenever they can. They serve lunch Monday through Saturday and supper seven nights a week. Reservations are much appreciated.

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