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Canal Bar New York, Guide & Review

Celeb hot spot and hip dance club. From concerts and performances to private parties and corporate events, this is where New York comes to play, pause and unwind. This rockabilly dive’s drinks rival the nearby Gowanus Canal for sheer toxicity. Surly, busty bartenders serve domestic brews and Herculean shots of cheap whiskey to rocker types, locals, and pool sharks who are as colorful as the kitschy, chaotic decor. Deer heads share space with vintage beer signage and a black-and-white TV broadcasting JFK-era ads, while a jukebox spins funk, soul, and punk mix-CDs compiled by regulars. This place is my home away from home. Great people, Great times, Great prices. Also, it is in a great location for the Carol Gardens to Park Slope walk by on Union st.

Canal Bar opening hours: Mon 4:30 pm–4 am, Tue–Sun 1:30 pm–4 am. The bar has amazing vibes, great people, tasty strong drinks that are reasonably priced, a sweet backyard, a really good atmosphere, board games, a jukebox, bartenders are pretty nice, the staff is really nice and helpful, chill vibe, decent beer selection with a handful of draft beers, pet-friendly, nice owners, lots of beer specials, free pool on Tuesdays. The people here are super chill, the vibe is nice and drinks are reasonably priced. And they have popcorn to munch on.

A cozy and approachable dive bar with a chill staff and chill crowd; I got the sense that everyone knows everyone. Enjoy a fair selection of beers, flatscreen TVs, a model shark, and free popcorn to keep the conversation going. It’s a cozy and funky dive bar with free popcorn, located in the gritty Gowanus area, a little aloof and off-on-it’s-own from its neighbors. Good spot to grab a drink and meet some different people. Really an awesome place to go.

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