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Candy Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

Candy Bar is one of Detroit‘s most unconventional bars, making it unmistakable and unmatchable. People seem to love this bar due to its unique ambiance and other design elements, not to mention its diverse drinking menu. Detroit has a long list of bars, whether rooftop bars, fun bars, or unique bars like these. However, in our experience, patrons mostly enjoy bars like Candy Bar, which always has some special touch.
The unique feature of the Candy Bar is its use of the color Pink. These people have used a different shade of pastel pink and other pink hues on every surface they could find, which makes the whole bar pink-themed. Other shades of pink are also used, but the dominant one is the candy pink color. Design-wise, this is one of the most beautiful and truly unique bars in Detroit, and hence it was impossible to make this list without mentioning this bar.
The decorators and owners have not shied away from using expensive materials and pieces to ensure that the interior feels upscale. There is a velvet curtain – you can guess its color! – which welcomes you as you step into the main hall. Moreover, there is a beautifully designed chandelier which gives this bar a sense of grandeur as well as further enhances the ambiance.
The candy bar offers a unique drinking menu with a wide variety of craft cocktails and unique tequilas for its patrons. This bar is open seven days a week from four in the evening. Moreover, there are a few recommendations we’d like to make as we talk about the Candy Bar. If you are a fan of expresso Martinis, then make sure you get your hands on Bubble Rum. Apart from this, they also do seasonal cocktails, so you can visit them at various times of the year and expect something different each time!

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