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Carmens De La Calle San Antonio, Guide & Review

Carmens De La Calle opened more than 20 years ago as a cozy little tapas and wine bar in San Antonio, Texas known for an ever changing global menu and passionate nights of flamenco dancers, jazz, or world music, raising the bar for a fun night out for locals and visitors. Great intimate location downtown. 

They believe one sure way to showcase their global connection is through food. Celebrate with your friends, family or co-workers by having a private cultural event curated by Carmen. Their curated events and menu make it easy for you to plan your celebration and leave your guests with lasting impressions. Carmens De La Calle features delicious food, full-bar with a variety of reasonably priced, tasty and strong drinks, welcoming ambiance, excellent service, helpful & friendly staff & bartenders, excellent performances, clean restrooms, state-of-art lighting & sound system, delicious cocktails, and stylish interior. The setting is cosy, romantic, warmly decorated and welcoming.  At Carmens De La Calle food is served family or cocktail style. They are happy to provide sit down dinners for up to 50 guests. They welcome intimate private events. Their cozy cafe will delight your guests with a feeling they have traveled beyond the city. 

They transplanted the heart and soul of the old business into the new place. Carmen’s has always had great food ambiance and it is the venue for live jazz and flamenco in San Antonio if you are looking to see authentic performances. Warm and cozy with flickering candles on table in an intimate setting. Perfect for date night and thus highly recommended and worth the visit. Such a cool place! Carmen’s is a real gem in San Antonio.

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