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Casanova Lounge San Francisco, Guide & Review

Welcome to Casanova Lounge San Francisco, your home away from home. Casanova Lounge is located at 527 Valencia Street at 16th Street between 16th & 17th on the East side of the street. Casanova Lounge, a retro-chic bar in San Francisco’s Mission District, 25 are nudes.It’s impossible not to notice. The curvaceous outlines of naked women, seemingly painted in the 1970s, adorn almost every inch of the bar’s soft orange walls. A small, half-hexagon bar sits near the main entrance. Its tail stretches like a question mark down one wall and leads patrons to a few cashmere-like couches and chairs. Multi-colored glass lamps lightly sway from the ceiling, adding to the bar’s sultry setting in the heart of 16th and Valencia streets’ busy intersection.On weeknights, this place is for the regulars — the kind of locals who have deep connections to the bartenders who don’t mind listening to their quarrels and quibbles. On the weekends, Casanova becomes a livelier scene as the decibel levels rise from soft and sexy to a cacophony.

Known for its margarita, which some claim is the strongest in San Francisco, and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for greyhounds or palomas, it’s a place that caters to all who walk in its front doors. Just don’t steal one of the paintings, as some in the past have, or else you’ll be on the owners’ list.The unique bar has classy dive decor and couch seating making these places worth visiting, it also features chill and hip with funky atmosphere and a great drinking.

The ambiance and chill eccentric vibe is what you’re paying for. They have chandeliers of all shapes and sizes and paintings of naked women draped in silk sheets everywhere paired with suede seating.simply the best club in San Francisco. See you there!

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