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Casimir’s Lounge Bar Savannah, Guide & Review

This luxurious 1888 hotel is home to some of the best jazz sounds. Few Savannah clubs can compete with its warmth, chic design, and beautiful view of Forsyth Park. St Casimir’s Lounge, guests, relax with a martinis signature or drink a glass of wine in a wide range as they listen to lively live music. There is no other place in Savannah like this hotspot. When it comes to world-class cuisine, details are essential. The difference between the good and the bad can be measured in seconds, the ingredients found locally, and knowing the proper wine to be served. They focus on these details to enjoy the side of Georgia cuisine in a way you have never tasted before. Get out of the crowd and be the owner of time. This is your day, your night, your world. With a few exciting places to choose from, a private Savannah dinner is more than just food. It is a memory.

For a new look, head back to Casimir’s Lounge for signature cakes and some of the best blues and jazz in Savannah. Get rid of time and run to the truth for just a moment with an unforgettable hour of happiness and even better conversation.

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