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Cask and Ale Bar Sarasota, Guide & Review

As soon as you step in, wooden furniture welcomes you from all ends. The tables, chairs, bar and stool, and even the shelves are in a deep wood. The wall on one side has a geometric design made of wooden panels. The lights are yellow and add softness to the eyes. On the back end, there’s an interesting mural painted on the wall. There’s live music here where local performers and bands play tunes for you. 

What makes this place a must-visit is that their yummy drinks also offer fantastic food, from tacos dripping with sauce to juicy burgers and colorful salads for you to pour the dressing over and enjoy. The menu is carefully curated with specific ingredients. The drinks are served on a wooden board. They are served aesthetically with salt-rimmed glasses and lemon wedges with vibrant colors so vibrant it’s hard to resist taking a photograph. 

There are local craft and artisan beers and some imported options. They are made with chocolate, honey, wheat, and many more. You are also offered sample shots for those confused about what to get. You have ‘Dragons Breath,’ ‘Linda Listen,’ ‘Cask Old Fashioned,’ and ‘Sidestep.’ ‘Dragons Breath’ is a mix of Vida mezcal, redemption rye, brown sugar, sweet vermouth, bitters, and smoke. Priced at $12, it’s a blast of flavors. There are also wines by the glass, bottle, or keg. 


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