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Castalia By Sfumato Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

Castalia is a unique and cool bar in Detroit that aims to build a link between fragrances and cocktails. Castalia’s sister company, sfumato, is a fragrance manufacturer, hence the crossover idea. All the cocktails at Castalia are handmade and paired with a unique fragrance from sfumato. This fantastic place is located in Midtown Detroit. Based inside a Victorian mansion which gives this place even more character and a unique angle, you are welcomed by beautiful fragrances as soon as you walk into the premises.
All of these cocktails are complemented by a dedicated fragrance, a unique idea that is less explored in the cocktail scene in Detroit; this, in turn, attracts many people to Castalia. This fantastic concept is often covered in various newspapers and editorials in Detroit, along with the fact that the pioneer of this idea is Castalia. Hence, you should know that you are in good hands. This bar opens from Wednesdays to Saturdays for extended periods to accommodate the heavy rush of people who come here to get lost in the fragrances sfumato offers and the handcrafted cocktails prepared in front of you by the expert bartenders.
The go-to cocktails offered at Castalia are the most famous ones. They include Gravitas Old Fashioned – which includes Bourbon, sugar, coriander, and cardamom extracts. Paired with Gravitas, Old Fashioned is the scent called Gravitas. Apart from this, Cacao Manhattan is another famous drink made up of rye whiskey, cacao liquor, vermouth, coffee, and the sfumato fragrance paired with this is called Mocha Valentino.
Sands of Time Negroni is another drink made up of sandalwood Negroni, cedar gin, limey gin, ginger liqueur, spice Amari and licorice root extracts, among other secret ingredients which give it its distinct flavor. The fragrance paired and recommended by sfumato with this drink is called, Nijananda.

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