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Cedar Bar Omaha, Guide & Review

Cedar Lounge is another amazing place to enjoy your drinks and cocktails in a soothing atmosphere. The place has murals, vintage designs, and paintings all over the walls, which makes it very picturesque. There are several other design elements as well which differentiate this place from the rest of the bars. There are art and d├ęcor items, which complement the whole vibe of the bar, scattered throughout the premises. Moreover, the seating is quite suspicious, and you get a luxurious feeling as soon as you sink into the chairs at this bar to order your favorite cocktail.
This place has a huge collection of wines, including red whites and white and sparkling wines, apart from having seltzers. Moreover, you can also have beers from the taps, and we urge you to try beer from Code Brewing Cream Ale. The domestic and import beer lists are endless, which you can surely check out from their website. You can also have whiskies and ciders there. The thing about this whole menu is that it gives you many different options you can choose from.
Cocktails can make or break a bar; hence, this bar features some good craft cocktails made by expert bartenders. The best cocktails include Cava Cocktail, Cucumber Smash, Espresso Martini, Fernet Con Cola, Negroni, Manhattan, NYC Sour, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Sidecar, House Fireball, and House Black Berry Brandy.
You should try this place if you want a bar with chills vibes to go with your friends. Moreover, the staff is very attentive and professional; hence it will give you that upscale vibe if you are looking for that. The place is very spacious, and the seating is good; therefore, you can also host parties here.

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