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Celtic Raven Pub Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Looking for that perfect Dive Bar shoot! There aren’t many original dive bars left in La, but an authentic Celtic Raven pub is still doing its best. Celtic Raven Pub is located in Los Angeles County of California state. On the street of Roscoe Boulevard. Winnetka’s Celtic Raven is well-stocked with Irish whiskey, string lights, and music for the best Irish celebrations.

Celtic Raven pub  has a 1,200 square ft bar area which is perfect for movie, TV and music video filming and still providing you with enough space for dance time. The place has dark floors, ceilings and walls, which provide the perfect canvas ready for you to customize to your needs as you enjoy the amazing architecture. The place also has a 31 foot L shaped barStage and a  Pool table with a Jukebox. Celtic Raven Pub is a place where you may reward yourself with your favorite beverage. Do you suddenly want a refresher? Here, you can buy beverages and liquor. It might be great to visit this place after a long day to get rid of some of the tension and calm down. The ambiance is considered to be suitable for this. The staff should present daily specials and will make sure orders are accurate as they offer the best of their services.

Come to this  spot to graba a few drinks and maybe chat with a friend, this is the spot. You will enjoy the music that isn’t too loud so you could have a conversation with a friend as you watch the football game,  there was no battle between music and game. You will enjoy both. Don’t miss out !

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