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Centro Bar Lexington, Guide & Review

Lexington has many bars known for their architecture, and Centro is one of them. It is a gorgeous bar adorned with woodwork, making it seem like a vintage masterpiece. The brown interior of wooden chairs, tables, and barrels coupled with orange lights make this bar a classy vintage masterpiece. The presence of a wine barrel adds to the aesthetic brilliance of the bar and brings back the memory of old times’ taverns for us. The lamps hanging from the ceiling look like teardrops and increase the aesthetic appeal of this bar’s interior. The brown stools next to the counter are so comfortable that it is hard to stand up once you have settled in them. To create a combination of various colors, green plants have been placed outside the brown main sitting area of the bar and look fantastic. There is also an outdoor seating area, which is furnished in a modern way in contrast to the interior. Stylish black chairs are paired with black glass tables, and umbrellas are placed above the tables to save you from the scorching heat. You can use this arrangement in cold and breezy weather to enjoy your stay more than ever.

This bar has also made a name for its drinks. The beer of this bar is refreshing and bubbly. The wine is a pleasant introduction to the taste buds. The cocktails are a perfect syrupy and tangy combination of different flavors that have been put together to create a drink that will satisfy your thirst. If you want to watch some favorite series of yours, then you will be happy to know that this place has free Wi-Fi for its customers. Suppose you have some pending office or school work and your house internet connection is disrupted. In that case, you are welcome to come to this bar and complete your work while having a drink that you love to have. To benefit from these services at Centro, we advise you to visit this bar. We hope that you will have a good time.


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