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The Chandelier is a crystal-ensconced bar on the Cosmopolitan that gives one-of-a-kind bars spanning three floors & a complex vibe. Coming in at quantity one, The Chandelier has hastily constructed a popularity as Las Vegas` most useful cocktail destination. It is shrouded in over a million octagonal crystals. The Chandelier is a 3-tiered bar divided into five sections, each with its character and clientele. The first ground gives a unique tackle to traditional Cosmopolitan cocktails. The center ground — dubbed 1.5 — consists of the best molecular mixology bar in Vegas, using liquid nitrogen and flame torches to create award-triumphing libations, raising cocktails to an art form. 

And while the pinnacle ground caters more significantly towards female tastes — for example, serving a Thin Mint cocktail stimulated through the satisfactory-promoting Girl Scout cookie — it additionally gives the good possibilities to socialize at the intersection of artwork, life, and magic. The Chandelier homes three particular experiences: a high-electricity warm spot, an advanced cocktail haven, and an inviting living room. A multi-tale visible surprise housing three exceptional living room experiences, The Chandelier expresses factors of the playground, artwork exhibit, and cocktail haven as soon as possible. The Chandelier is a living, respiration architectural surprise created through shimmering, beaded curtains of light. It is a high-electricity spot withinside the center of all of it that transcends the belief of the traditional online casino living room. With each element cautiously considered, this state-of-the-art sanctuary gives a fine, handmade cocktail for the genuinely enjoyable seeker. 

An inviting living room showcases The Chandelier’s beauty, giving visitors a glimpse into the mystic and magic of the sector within. The signature liquids at Chandelier are as follows. Whiskey Business is the brand new twist at the Old Fashioned that mixes The Cosmopolitan’s barrel of Knob Creek bourbon with bitters, Amaro Meletti, and “Old Time Rock’ n’ Roll” syrup. Finishing School is a floral mule of Ciroc Red Berry vodka served with strawberry rhubarb rose syrup, citrus, ginger beer, and plum bitters. “We’re All Mad Here” is an ode to Alice in Wonderland. This gin-primarily based totally concoction begins off-evolved blue; however, modifications the hue as soon as blended and is observed with a fit-to-be-eaten tag that makes your tongue tingle.

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