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Chaplins Benidorm, Guide & Review

Chaplins Live music bar Benidorm, Alicante, Spain. Chaplins bar has been for many years welcoming clubbers and being one of the earlier bars in Benidorm is very popular. 

It’s right in the heart of bustling Disco center with easy access to many hotels in the vicinity. Chaplin’s has an awesome selection of cabaret acts and happens to be very popular with hundreds of tourists every single month. Chaplins pub opens every day from 8PM to the early morning hours. 

There are a batch of live cabaret acts every night and I’m summertime there are very popular Discos surrounding the acts. The prices are reasonable, awesome atmosphere, great music and staff are extra friendly coupled with breathtaking acts. Indeed you will find fantastic shows and be ready to let your hair down. Check Chaplins Club official Facebook page for the week’s events:

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Bad experiance

Rated 1.0 out of 5
July 17, 2022

Very bad experience. My husband got beaten up for nothing by the security staff even if he didn’t do anything. Some drunk guy wanted to take my chair while I was out for a smoke. My husband said the seat was taken. And out of nowhere the security asked my husband to leave the building. He didn’t understand why, because he didn’t do anything. There was no time for a conversation. Three security staff members pulled him down to the ground out of nowhere. And then dragged him outside. Once outside one of the security gards gave him an extra punch in the stomach. During the whole scene my husband shouted “I’m leaving”. But apparently that was not enough for the macho security gards. By the way, my husband isn’t a troublemaker.


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