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Fresh, Sustainable, Local. Charbar Bar prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and also the wide-range options from the ocean, prairies, and local gardens. Charbar combines locally relevant and globally inspired dishes to create an eclectic and innovative menu that will appeal to almost any palate. The culinary influence of Argentina, which is a blend of Spanish and Italian cuisine, is evident throughout the menu, with a personalized touch of tableside service to prepare a ceviche mixto. Established in 2015, charbar opened its doors in June. Located in the revitalized and ever-growing community of East Village, charbar is part of a collaborative and unique concept destined to be a culinary destination, the first of its kind.

Charbar features nice great food, professional services, amazing outdoor dining, amazing outdoor dining – a perfect spot for outdoor dining with friends., creative cuisine, excellent ambiance, large menu list, stylish interior, large wine list, daily specials, and the best brunch. Charbar operates Sunday – Wednesday 12:00 pm – 12:00 am, and Thursday  – Saturday  10:00 am – 2:00 am. An amazing place to drop by for a chill drink and low-key time when visiting Houston. The atmosphere is always laid back and just an old-school classic. They are not trying too hard to be something specific, they just make a quality drink with quality service and it makes for an outstanding experience.

The extensive raw bar pays homage to the fresh, sustainable, west coast seafood that is readily available to a landlocked city, and mirrors the waterfront location of the Simmons Building. At charbar, vegetarian cuisine is celebrated and appreciated by Chef Pelland, as she has made it an integral part of the unique menu. Almost half of the options are vegetarian, particularly the small plates meant to share, such as the pistachio and avocado bruschetta, sourdough Fugazza with Roman broccoli, and grilled provoleta. Highly recommended!

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