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Charcoaler Drive-In has excellent food, a new building, a little bar, and outdoor activities. Very cool and unique place. The best dishes are nicely cooked hamburgers, chili cheese fries, and onion strings. Following the visitors’ opinions, waiters serve good cherry pie here. This restaurant has good lemonade among its drinks. The efficient staff works well, stays positive, and makes this place remarkable. So, if you wish to enjoy excellent service, you should visit Charcoaler Drive-in. Growing up with charcoal-grilled hamburgers as one of my favorite dishes, I was surprised to encounter these Oklahoma-style burgers in Sun City. The Charcoaler Drive-In serves this style of flame-broiled hamburger for a reason. 

The family that started the business came from Oklahoma and enjoyed the charcoal burgers so much that they wished to share them with the people of El Paso. There was a second facility on Montana Avenue near the airport, but only the Mesa Street location exists now. Charcoaler is a traditional 1960s-style drive-in, with diners pulling up to a speaker to order and then picking up their meal at a huge window. Customers can eat meals in their cars or take them somewhere, but no tables are available. On a sunny day, a vast grassy space in the middle can entice a picnic, but this setup is mainly intended for individuals who are in a hurry and don’t mind dining in the car. Of course, the specialty is hamburgers. The critical decision will be whether to have a single or double burger and whatever toppings to add. 

The beef is cooked over a flame for the “flame-broiled” flavor, and the patties come out medium well. Very little fat remains in the meat, so I prefer these hamburgers to fried ones. The hickory smoke sauce was made famous by the Split-T in Oklahoma City. It was used on the iconic flame-broiled burgers I first had. It’s called “barbecue sauce” at Charcoaler, and while I don’t believe it’s as good as the one at Charcoaler, it’s still how I order the hamburgers. Hot dogs and french fries are also offered. The Milk Shake is delicious, but it takes a while to melt. The hamburgers at Charcoaler Drive-In aren’t nearly as good as the ones at the Split-T, but they’re better than most in El Paso. Even if someone ordered these burgers with mustard or mayonnaise, I believe it would be one of the most fantastic hamburgers in town.

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