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Chevy Chase Inn Bar Lexington, Guide & Review

One of the bars in Lexington with a rich history is Chevy Chase Inn, the oldest bar in Kentucky. The quality and dedication to serving the customers have kept this bar running for a long time. The bar’s interior is also suggestive of its old origin as its choice and arrangement of sofas and chairs are reminiscent of the past. This does not mean that the vibe of this bar is old-school and boring. In fact, the vibe of Chevy Chase Inn is refreshing and enjoyable as the singers keep dancing while singing and keep the customers’ moods lightened up and happy. Even if you bring your old folks to this place, I am sure they will also feel they have become young again. The vibe of this bar is refreshing and helps you regain your energy and strength. There is a suitable and well-maintained outside seating area for those who do not prefer to have a drink or bite inside the bar. The ones sitting outside can enjoy sun basking or a cold breeze depending on the weather.

There are also appropriate arrangements of screens for the sports lovers of Lexington to enjoy their preferred game. The exciting history, lovely ambiance, and sports lovers’ friendly features are not the only pleasant factors of Chevy Chase Inn. It also has a good variety of food which is good enough to seem like homemade food. You can bring your own food here and eat it in your comfort zone while sipping your favorite drink or watching a good game to make the most of your time at the bar. The wine and cocktails of this place speak for themselves as they are refreshing and pleasurable. You are also free to choose from the wide range of Wine and Alcohol at this bar.

It also creates no difficulty for the sick and differently-abled people as the people using wheelchairs are allowed and made to feel welcome at the Chevy Chase Inn. The bathrooms are also clean, so there is no need to worry about the hygiene of this place. The bar only sounds old and meets all the modern requirements. You should come to this place to experience its goodness.

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