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China Live Bar San Francisco, Guide & Review

China Live is  one of the top picks in where to eat & drink in San Francisco’s Chinatown,Eater SF’s guide to the neighborhood’s most beloved noodle joints & dim sum parlors. The first-level Market restaurant in George Chen’s years-in-the-making Chinese food emporium knows no regional boundaries, which means that, dumpling-wise, the menu ranges from Dongbei-style long potstickers to Sichuan-style “working hands” wontons in chili oil and the exceptionally juicy, not-technically-a-dumpling pan-fried buns known as sheng jian bao.

China Live is such a cute establishment, and it definitely conveys that it’s high end very well. It is also very spacious, and has excellent service. The main dining area feels inspired by night markets with stations where you can watch fresh dumplings being made and Peking duck being prepared. Some dishes really highlight traditional flavors, like the lu rou fan, while others add fresh twists to classics, like the Peking duck.A fun place to bring any out-of-town visitors to Chinatown to enjoy a taste of Asian culture and food.

If you want a different vibe from Chinatown. Bring friends that would chat all night to counterbalance the hectic service. It’s a pseudo-secret, just above the bustling scene at China Live, accessible via stairwell black bats painted on the walls lead the way to the door. Inside is a swanky, Scotch-filled bar where the bartenders wear tuxedos, and the vibe is modern Shanghai with a dash of old school San Francisco. Drinks are heavy on the Scotch, and there are many to choose from.China Live’s unique, multi-story eating and retail experience has slowly been finding its footing since opening in Chinatown in early 2017, and slowly expanding within the building. But now we’re hearing about a new addition that will create a new layer of excitement.It’s the best place to be.

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