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Cigalon is a traditional Provençal cuisine served in an elegant, double-height space with a ‘greenhouse glass ceiling. Cigalon is a modern French restaurant serving fresh, delectable dishes influenced by the flavors of Provence and the neighboring Mediterranean coastline. They are available for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Friday. The restaurant is housed within a stunning historic auction house on Chancery Lane. Pre-dinner beverages are available at Baranis, their Riviera-inspired cocktail bar with indoor Pétanque. The seasonal cuisine changes weekly, focusing on softly grilled meats, stunning fresh seafood, and amazing quality veggies. The wine selection includes their favorite southern French and Corsican wines, and they organize a monthly wine supper that includes their favorite wines from worldwide. 

Tucked away near St Paul’s, Cigalon may not scream about itself from the rooftops, but it doesn’t need to, not when it’s this pretty. From its French cuisine down to its nod to geometrics, the dining space is interesting, and it’s pretty as a picture. Cigalon is available for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday. Cigalon and Baranis is a French-inspired upstairs/downstairs restaurant. Cigalon restaurant is on the main floor, while Baranis bar is in the basement below, where handcrafted drinks may be savored while playing pétanque. Cigalon delivers traditional Provençal cuisine that is flavorful and made with only the freshest ingredients. The menus change monthly based on what’s in season, and new daily fish and meat specialties are made on the huge grill that takes center stage in their open-plan kitchen. 

Cigalon also hosts monthly events, such as a 5-Course Test Drive menu on the first Tuesday of the month and The Wine Dinner on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Marseillais Head Chef Julien Carlon leads the kitchen and collaborates with trusted suppliers from the South of France and the United Kingdom to provide the best-tasting and highest-quality products possible. Monday through Friday, Cigalon is open for lunch and supper. Their dining area can accommodate 68 people and features banquette seating, individual tables, and hidden romantic booths. “Truly exquisite… the impact of foods treated empathetically and passionately,” says one diner of the tiny private dining area, which seats up to eight people and is open for lunch and supper seven days a week. Cigalon’s five-course test drive menu is an excellent deal. The flavors in each dish are so unique. Ingredients are mixed in a novel and harmonious manner. Each meal is presented as though it were a work of art. 

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