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Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub Daytona Beach, Guide & Review

Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub is a world class Irish pub in Daytona Beach. If you want to have the real Irish pub experience in Daytona Beach this is the place. Wonderful experience! The Claddagh Cottage is a cozy, neighborhood pub that has been around for over 20 years, known for its proper pints of Guinness, delicious home-style food, and authentic Irish atmosphere. Owners Scott & Vicki purchased the pub in 2016 and reopened at this location in 2018. They were forced to relocate when the original building was sold less than three months after acquiring the business. Scott & Vicki have endeavored to recreate every detail of the pub in which they met, and this new location is a fabulous update of the original location. A big part of the pub’s history is traditional Irish music, and Scott & Vicki have run the bi-weekly traditional Irish music session at the Claddagh since 2001. The EOWS (every other Wednesday session) is the same as you would find in any pub in Ireland, drawing both amateur and professional musicians from Orlando and beyond. Very nice place, very busy on Saturday evening with live traditional Irish music. 

Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub operates 4:00 pm to 12:00 am every day. Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub features a fine drink selection; awesome frequent live music – they’ve lots of live music nights; conversation starters around the room to keep you entertained; prompt & friendly service; friendly, inviting & cozy atmosphere – a real Irish environment; off-street parking; four steel-tipped dart boards with a separate dart area; authentic and delicious pub grub; super friendly staff; great lighting & sound system; plenty of comfy seatings; traditional & folk music; delicious Irish food; fantastic decorations; authentic Guinness; great vibes; and pastry crusts are amazing and made in-house. 

It’s a perfect spot to raise a pint with friends. This is the place to savor the experience. What a great night out place to hang out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Daytona Beach. Highly recommended!

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