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More than just a nightclub, Closer is a hub of creativity and counterculture. Heavily influenced by Berlin‘s community of 24-hour party people, Closer throws weekend raves that last well into the following afternoon. There are spaces to fit all moods, including three dance halls, a chill-out garden and a mini outdoor amphitheatre. You get the feeling you’re in for a big night as soon as you exit the taxi outside Closer. Climbing the graffitied staircase that leads to the Kyiv club evokes a childlike sense of adventure; not least at tonight’s Masquerade, an annual marathon session where everyone hides behind a face mask in celebration of the crew’s eighth birthday.

Many of the mystery figures inside will stay glued to the wooden dance floor from Saturday night until the final glimmers of the party on Sunday evening. It’s not entirely an endurance test: while the main room is all whistles and whooping, the cushion-filled ambient floor has a similarly meditative vibe to Glastonbury’s Green Fields.

By mid-morning, the music downstairs becomes a kaleidoscope of 90s US house, timeless Detroit techno and head-twisting acid via ultra-intricate, psychedelic minimal house – styles that Closer helped popularise in the Ukrainian capital. Saturday nights such as this often have an open-ended finish, with the DJs encouraged to go as long as the vibe holds. 

The rest of the ecosystem comes alive during the week. While a team of artists prepares handmade installations for the parties, vinyl geeks dig in the record shop run by Shakolin. There’s also a furniture shop, live music venue, theatre, tattoo studio and radio station, while the club room doubles up as a space for jazz concerts, exhibitions and lectures. People who come to the concerts get acquainted with electronic music.

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