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Club 69 Ghent, Guide & Review

With a rich cultural heritage going back to 1999, Club 69 has embarrassed and empowered the ghent and Belgium nightlife scene. Club 69’s Mission is Bringing together the best crowd and the best music in a stunning setting. The interior brings a brilliant and warm engulfing sound system. Expect to bump into a passionate, friendly off-the-wall crowd, where skyscraper heels share the dancefloor with Converse trainers, but where everyone is on the same musical page. With Club 69 avant-garde approach and musical mix led to different cultures and niches uniting thus becoming more than a club. Club 69 ground floor is Basecamp to Carter for the club’s cozy discotheque. 

Club 69 mixes both electronic and urban music making it one of Ghent’s renowned venues where all music genres are covered. The music is awesome and intimate from Belgium’s finest DJ’s expanding the pleasure of Ghent’s nighttime from Thursday evening to early hours of Sunday morning, a great and welcoming atmosphere where you are assured of creating new connections, nice and cool parties, amazing people, one of chic clubs in Ghent and friendly workers. The LED lighting moving in colour and rhythm with music gives the whole space amazing entertainment. 

Club 69 wants to bring people and music together in a lively setting. With lots of music, beats, melody and energy Club 69 is indeed a unique musical experience! Get ready for a diverse but also passionate and enthusiastic audience. Everyone shares the same musical passion. A little something for everyone to taste. Check Club 69 official Facebook Page for the unfolding events:

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