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Club haus Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

Bristol is not devoid of bars that provide an ethereal view for you to instantly fall in love with them. One of Bristol’s best bars with a great view to offer customers is Clubhaus. It is situated on the harbor side, and you can see a view from here that will enthrall you. This bar has a modern interior. The bar counter is made of wood, and its carvings are voguish. The machines and dispensers are on the bar counter, while the bottles are placed on the wooden racks behind the counter. The metallic and wooden stools next to the bar augment the beauty of the whole setup. The wooden floor has been styled, and the lamps are lighting the place up really well. The interior is beautiful; however, the real magic lies in the outdoor seating area. The outdoor seating area is next to the river. There are wooden benches and trendy seats here placed in a similar way in a row. You can sit here and see the river flowing. It makes you feel as if you are in France. This is your vacation at home. It is also one of the most romantic spots in Bristol for you to bring your significant other. The plants in this area increase their beauty more than you know. 

This bar has good cocktails and high-quality alcohol, beer, and wine. Having these drinks in the beautiful setting of this bar will make your experience even better, and you will keep coming here. The food at this place is also very delicious, and you cannot keep yourself from licking your fingers after having it. Your water will be refilled at this bar for free. If you use a wheelchair and are having difficulty finding a bar that facilitates people in wheelchairs, your search ends at this bar. 

You can also watch sports here with other sports lovers of Bristol. You can dine in or takeaway. The toilets are clean, and the Wi-Fi is free. If you want to visit a great bar and have some Instagram content, you must come here.

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