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Clyde’s and Costello’s is a college-themed pub in downtown Tallahassee. This pub is well-known for its Friday happy hour when the action continues on Adams Street. As a spot to hang out and get a drink or pitcher, think of a block party atmosphere with your college mates. Clyde’s and Costello’s is a locally owned tavern in Tallahassee that is popular among college students. They are an 18+ bar with mandatory makeout Mondays, $1 shots, $2 beers, and $3 wells, and they suggest coming for a drink and a kiss! In addition, Friday night drinks are complimentary before 11 pm. On weekends, they feature a live DJ spinning top 40, house, and electric house music! Clyde’s comes in three varieties. There are Clyde’s for legislative sessions, Clyde’s for midweek watering holes, and Clyde’s for Greeks. 

Each is unique, yet all are enjoyable. Clyde’s Legislative Session is my favorite because I work in that field. It is a great place to share gossip and pick up tips that can help save your bill or get you a meeting with an elected official. One rare night you might find an elected official singing karaoke (usually badly) at a questionable level of intoxication. Mid-week watering hole Clyde’s is when session is out, and the locals need gin & tonic. Super chill; the price is right and not stuffy. Greek Clyde’s typically happens around 10 pm when fraternities and sororities have a mixer and crowd the bar. If you are a good-looking single 20 that can hang with a bunch of drunk college students, this is your jam. Clyde’s, known for its happy hour and Monday evenings, is conveniently located near campus and directly off College Avenue! 

They always offer fantastic beer promotions but ensure you get pre-banded ahead of time to prevent huge lineups. This place gets busier during session season in the spring as it is very close to the Florida State Capital. Are you looking for a bite to eat beforehand? Andrews bar and grille is right next door and has excellent food. For Monday night, there was nothing better to do in Tallahassee. This place was going off, and it was a lot of fun. Drinks are cheap. It gets very crowded. And yes, it’s very Greek, Always loud and packed with the FSU crowd. Decent drinks at a reasonable price. I suggest standing out there and cooling off if it’s nice outside. Inside it gets warm fast!

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