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On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Columbus. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Columbus is known as the state capital of Ohio. The city was founded in 1812 with covering an area of 583 square kilometers. 

Its renowned Scioto Mile is a cord of parks, rests on both sides of River, Scioto, through a vast interactive trail and fountain. One of its spacious, the COSI science center provides a unique and active exhibit and planetarium.

Its German village zone occupies with restored brick houses erected by 1800s colonizers. 

Talking about the nightlife, it is spellbinding and fascinating that agog your eyeballs and uplift your inner sentiments too. In the city, you can grab a chance to spending out a hard-charging night. 

Columbus has all to get you covered in every bit and piece. On any night of the week, you can discover modern and hip-hop music while local drinks at tearing holes all around the city. This city provides a wide variety to quench your thirst with exotic drinks or spend a sparkling night out!  

Nightlife In Columbus 

Nightlife In Columbus 

The city’s nightlife embraces a few recognized things: lively music, concerts & events, entertainment, and dining servings. 

The musical act triumphs national onlookers with “Made in CBUS performances” such as Lydia Loveless, Saintseneca, and twenty-one pilots. In addition, you can explore local musician’s plays every night of the week across the town as little rock, Notes, Big room bar, Ace of cups, and not to overlook Brothers Drake Meadery.   

Columbus is boasting over 30 microbreweries along with a wonderful assortment that can find nearby the downtown corridor. 

One of the stupendous trajectories of the Columbus Ale Trail is another spot to venture out of the glut of beer within the city. Watershed Distillery is renowned for its Middle west spirits and citrusy gin that comprise a savor of whiskeys and wheat vodka. 

For an exotic treat, you can try out local spirits, beers, craft cocktails, and sweet desserts across the town. 

Columbus: The Best Nightclubs

Of course, the nightlife vista of the city involves live musical venues, trendy nightclubs, and twilight shopping. Spending a busy day out at the state capital of Ohio, you can relish a refreshing and chilly local beer with late-night dining serving from traditional casinos nearby Ohio State University to homegrown microbreweries at the Brewery Region. The choices are endless, with a motive to provide an eternal and rejuvenating experience. Check out some exotic nightclubs mentioned below:


It is an excellent spot for beer lovers who want to explore the craft beer scene in the city. A cocktail lover’s dream tour specializes in countless beverages to ignite the thirst for lip-smacking cuisines as well as get a charge out of superior “brew master” programs for real fanatics. This place doesn’t end with local microbrews but also offers a beer adventure in the South-east part of Columbus between the region of Pickerington. 

At first, you need to take a beer passport to assemble a couple of stamps for the desired location. This place can give you a fantastic drape along with bigheaded rights. 


One of the exquisite places, the savoy club is famous for its live music, cocktails, and billiards. You can watch the astounding events and live pool shows and enjoy the tuneful music with no loud hindrances or clamor. From its launching in January 2017, it has become the prominent Soul, Jazz, and R&B nightclub that rests at the heart of Columbus city. So either you’re looking for a fun-friendly atmosphere or pondering for a seasoned club aficionado, the Savoy club will get you covered for a razzle-dazzle night-eve. 

It seems like an ideal spot for an unforgettable night’s eve. However, once you spend a night at this club, you will realize how particular the club is and distinct from the other.    


An all-inclusive and nightclub place locates at the heart of downtown Columbus, the district west tavern is known for exotic performance venue that rejoices all forms of lively events, drag, entertainment, and hosting special events. Here, the personnel looks forward not solely to amuse you but to serve you the best-out-of-the-bunch. With the west family and Virginia west at the helm location, this nightclub strives as a leader to tie every nook of the community.

About openings hours and days, then not to bother about that as you’re free to visit any night on any day but remember the timings of the nightclub that’s from 6 pm onwards up to 11 pm. So, don’t delay now; savor the drool-worthy cookery menus right away!


The big fact about this nightclub is it was bought in 2001 when it was located on the streets of E. Columbus. Since the landlords wanted to widen the space to offer the clients a spacious field and a free-standing construction, it was bought in October 2002 at the existing location of 863 S. High Street of Columbus. Its interior includes an edifice of original rooms, allowing a feel to enjoy a party in a safe living room. Club diversity is notorious for being the best piano and martini bar at Columbus with an insight of eclectic and diverse mixture. 

It allures tons of patrons to undergo a sense of extraordinary musicians; performing styles range from contemporary to classic hip-hop ballet shows. Alongside, it also hosts various musicians that are newbies in the industry and provides a scintillating night-out. 


One lively nightclub, the king of clubs, is designed as a place of entertainment and musical avenues within the region of Columbus. It is a fantastic site under which you have a chance to watch out the rock show and look out for the live concert for that matter. This place has an excellent setup, begins with a great podium that can tackle any band you might be thinking of. 

In addition, the view of performance is outstanding. One can amaze their eye lines with no hurly-burly. The entire floor is loaded with fantabulous artwork. It is crisp, brittle, and loud if it comes to the musical filler amid live acts. About the area, this nightclub covers a broad area with three thrones and six urinals. 

Popular Bars At Columbus City

There’s no denying the fact that Columbus, Ohio, is an iconic spot for food, beverages, and restaurants. You may be astounded to know that the town is occupied with oodles of bars to get a charge out of fantastic nightlife. However, getting rid of all worries is experiencing once you wind down after a long week by taking a few cups of chilly drinks with your mates. From fantastic libations to live spectacles, the bars at Columbus refresh you with the highest zeal and spirits.   

Either you’re pondering for a cocktail or a dive bar, the below list will give a quick overview of this. So take a glance over these and try them without any setbacks. 

  1. BOB’S BAR

Are you willing to take a visit to the dive bar, then Bob’s bar indeed apt you the most? Located at the heart of N high St, Columbus, Ohio, it features the most smashing, animated, and hospitable environment. Availing with hundreds of cocktails and beer options, you have a chance to enjoy the surroundings and yourself to the fullest. 

You can make a selection between beer and the bottles on tap and enjoy the night with a sip of every drink. The staff here is humble, and you can play some pool or darts to relax your inner vibes on cloud nine. So give it a whirl once, and you’ll adore it over and over. 


If you’re in a hunt for a bar that offers food just as good as refreshing drinks, then the walrus has no exception. Undoubtedly, this place serves good quality lip-smacking burgers, eateries, and pub foods. But, here, you will discover live music and chilly craft beers straight away. 

When you’re pondering for a perfect burger, you can make a good choice by picking a chili or maple burger, queso or short rib sliders, or a big rig burger. Reaching the bar, you can have a wide range of variety between cocktails and wine to enjoy. So for brunch time, make sure to gobble beverages once in a lifetime.  


If you’re looking for a laid-back and casual bar in Columbus, then the local bar short north will get you covered and gives you an extraordinary experience. Located at the core of 913 N High St, Columbus, Ohio, this bar works like a charm and provides you eternal bliss. 

It features a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for winding down. With amusing music, karaoke, and good hour deals, there’re many things to enjoy over there. You’ll discover plenty of chilly drinks and free popcorn that doesn’t put a dent into your pocket. 

  1. TREE BAR 

For a more eccentric and peculiar bar, make sure to mention the tree bar on your wish list. One of the superb bars of Columbus, this tavern features a more casual and funkier interior that’s ideal for spending a night out with mates and friends. With pool tables, indie musicians, and other enjoyable concerts, this place rejuvenates you in high spirits with great zeal. 

People love to enjoy craft beers and open music that are held from time to time. So give a chance and explore the avenues right away!!


If you’re on the verge of a classy and stimulating spot for savoring some drinks at Columbus bar, then Mouton suits you. This hub spot is renowned as a neighborhood cocktail bar that enlightens as a trait of sophisticated beer, cocktails, and upscale beverages. With local art coating over the walls, you will get an idea of an exuberant and high-spirited community. 

Mouton provides a wide variety of cocktails and brews that suit your taste and, thereby, satiate your appetite desire. It remains open from Tuesday to Friday, and 5 pm to 7 pm are considered their happy hours. 

Night Shopping 

Night Shopping 

Columbus is a trendy city. With several designers per capita out of other towns in the United States, excluding Los Angeles and New York, this town is real stuff. For night shopping, it has great variety in abundance. You can shop the latest design styles for men and women. 

Alongside, you can explore curated collections of boutiques that are top-of-the-heap from floral shops, jewelers, modern stores, and toy stores. In the city, you’ll find long-established brands for clothes and other outfits. You will feel a one-of-a-kind experience while popping out new and fashionable styles of fresh flowers, vintage items, furniture, antique and splendiferous art forms. 

Night Market 

Night Market 

In the city, the night market is stirred by traditional outdoor markets that are popular throughout the region of Asia and Europe. Its shopping Centre offers a carnival-like environment with a range of beverages, goods, music, and bars to keep you entertained all the time. You can book tickets for good wine, beer, and cocktails that are perfect for your one-day night-out. 

Additionally, the night marketplace brings together appetizing cuisines, craft & wine beers, interactive escape games, independent vendors providing handmade wares, and free-face painting for toddlers and family members. It occurs once a month at North market downtown every third Friday. The open-air outdoor market, handmade accessories, and local products are provided with up-to-date designs. 


The American 15th largest city, Columbus, has ardent sports fans, long-lived gorillas, and funky festivals. There’s something peculiar about getting ready and moving out to watch the show to the city’s nightlife. Here, every night is memorable that is fully occupied with top-notch dining servings and proper fuel. You can discover the scene at the local location of Latitude 41. Alongside, accessible and diverse art patches are seen that allow bigger cities in spiteful. So soak yourself in the town and explore all the hidden gems of the nightlife scene.   

Set your heart now and take a smashing night-out with no fuss and grudges!!

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The nightlife scene in Columbus includes trendy bars, live music venues and even late-night shopping.

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Bullwinkle’s is a nightclub on Ohio state campus. We are a 21 and up venue.

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