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Looking for a romantic date night? Look no further; Contessa is a picture-perfect spot! Great views of the city and upscale atmosphere! The service is decent and servers are always at the table and responsive. 

A rooftop restaurant in the heart of Boston. Contessa’s menu is inspired by the effortless elegance of the Trattorias of Northern Italy and our home in Boston’s Back Bay. Their selections range from imported salumi, house-made fresh pasta, to dry-aged Chianina Beef. Located atop The Newbury Boston, this elegant eatery serves more than just comforting Northern Italian fare—it also serves looks in a major way. The inside of this glass-enclosed, rooftop sanctuary seems like it’s a lush garden patio situated on a Tuscan hillside. But if you’re able to pry your eyes away from the beautiful interior for a minute, you’ll also see that this restaurant offers unreal views of the surrounding Back Bay. Take a seat on one of Contessa’s plush chairs, order yourself a selection of salumi and a plate of fresh pasta, and raise your negroni to the cityscape before you. 

Contessa Bar features delicious food, friendly staff, spectacular views, indoor dining, a hip atmosphere, a large wine list, chic decor, a stylish interior, scenic views, and creative cuisine. Designed like a conservatory with a glass roof and retractable panels for open-air dining, the rooftop space feels like a “garden in the sky” where diners relax in a sun-soaked room for breakfast, lunch, or brunch or take in the sunset and starry skies over cocktails and dinner. The covered rooftop views are amazing and so is the food. An unassuming menu without a lot of descriptions but everything we ordered is delicious with distinct flavor profiles. Highly recommended!

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