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Cooks & Soldiers is an upscale restaurant serving Basque tapas & more significant shareable portions cooked on a wood-burning grill. Food-wise, Cooks & Soldiers has a lot of outstanding menu options, from traditional Basque plates like the Piperade stew to whole fish entrees like the Pescado à la Parilla. However, don’t let all of that gourmet goodness distract you from the fact that Cooks & Soldiers’ beverage program is heavy in Atlanta’s cocktail scene. Whether you’re dining in for dinner with family or opting to sit at the bar, you have to try C&S’s signature cocktails. 

If you need a great place to start, go with the May Oui with vodka, lavender, salads, lemon, honey, and cava, or the Baptizing Equelito with Reposado tequila cappelletti, orgeat, lime, and tiki bitters. Cooks & Soldiers are inspired by the people and cuisine of the Basque Country of Spain and France. The Spaniards call it Pais Vasco. The Basques are called Euskal Herria. It represents thousands of years of intense independence, cultural autonomy, and unparalleled cuisine. Pinchos is Basque’s answer to tapas. Borrow the word “thorn,” Pintxos are traditionally attached to bread pierced with a toothpick. The Pintxos bar represents the casual and cheerful side of Basque cuisine. 

Here, order a table on top of Txakoli (a crunchy, slightly frothy Basque wine) or Tart Basque Cider. The Pintxos bar is noisy and lively and celebrates the joy of friendship and conversation over the format of the course menu. Cooks & Soldiers are trying to recreate this environment with the toasted Pintxos Tradicionales and the chef-created Pintxos Especiales. Asador at Cooks & Soldiers, on the other hand, is a wood-fired grill emphasizing the simple yet sacred combination of olive oil, salt, pepper, and smoke. The Cooks & Soldiers Asado is the centerpiece of the kitchen, where meat and seafood are grilled in warm coal. These bigger Asador dishes are made to be enjoyed by serving various fire-baked vegetables.

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