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Corrib pub treats everyone with amazing hospitality and prides itself as one of Boston’s best Irish pubs. Staff are friendly, and genuine, and love serving up great food with a smile.  They have a full menu that has locals loving it and visitors becoming locals and I can I attest the crowd at Corrib Pub are friendly and welcoming. Have a seat with old and new friends in our pub since the Corrib Pub is a family and when you’re at the Corrib Pub, you’re definitely part of the family. 

The spot takes pride in its friendly service, delicious meals, and a wide variety of draft beers. Enjoy a taste of Ireland in the heart of Boston and you’ll realize why Corrrib Pub has become a local favorite to locals and guests. There are plenty of TVs along the bar for watching the game(s); the bar staff is attentive, and the wait staff is generally pleasant. Corrib’s is a great place for a casual family dinner. It has a great local vibe with solid food. The amazing thing about the Corrib is that there’s always a crowd in there, even at odd hours like 3 pm on Monday – and that should tell you all you need to know. However, if you appear to be too intoxicated, the bartender will not serve you- at least they’re responsible.

The food and the service at the Corrib are dependably delicious home-cooked-style American and Irish cuisine. It has been a popular pub and restaurant since 1979. It’s extremely friendly, with fantastic menu items and atmosphere. Here portions are huge and they accommodate large parties. Overall a good evening of dining and visiting with friends! Corrib Pub features great food, classic cocktails, a large menu, and live Irish music. Always recommend this wonderful establishment.

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