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Corvino Kansas City, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing cocktail spot in Kansas City? Check out Corvino. Corvino is a sleek restaurant offering elegant New American fare & tasting menus, plus nighty live music. Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room is two concepts under one roof, each capturing experiences from Chef Micheal & Christina Corvino. This is a bright spot in the culinary landscape of Kansas City. This is by far one of the most exciting refined kitchens in the city. The creativity, quality, and service at Corvino are always amazing. 

Corvino features a great atmosphere; super friendly and attentive bartenders and staff – they’re very helpful when it comes to recommending drinks; plenty of comfy seatings; state-of-the-art lighting and sound system; an amazing fusion cuisine; fantastic owners; live piano on Friday night; awesome live music; strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced; amazing dining experience; exceptional professional service; decent prices; fantastic happy hour; decent delicious food; great relaxed atmosphere; awesome vibe; delicious cocktails; real comfortable ambiance; and beautiful presentation. Everything is perfectly orchestrated and executed. The chef is absolutely genius and there has never been a single thing that has come out of the kitchen that disappoints. The small plate offerings are diverse and delicious seaweed Donuts – savory, light and unique. 

Indeed this place is a real deal. Well worth it for a special night out. If you haven’t been to Corvino’s super club then you must go. Definitely worth the trip if you’re anywhere in Kansas City. It’s highly recommended checking out Corvino for an amazing & unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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