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Cosy Club Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

Bristol bars are famous for different things. One of these things is their reputation for being lavish. Some of us are very picky when it comes to deciding on one bar. We love to visit flamboyant and lavish bars. Sometimes it is difficult to find luxurious bars to visit. Some people visit luxurious bars to treat themselves whenever they feel bad. We have good news for the people who love to visit lavish bars because Bristol has some wonderful options for them. One of these wonderful lavish bars at your service is Cosy Club. If you want to feel like royalty, then you will visit Cosy Club. 

The interior of this bar takes after a palace. The marble floor with royal red paint on some walls and textured tiles on some walls enhance the beauty of the place. The marvelous chandelier suspended from the ceiling looks like the ones from a medieval castle. The lamps in the bar look swish. The walls have beautifully painted portraits in elegant picture frames. The bar counter is a lavish affair with huge plants in beautiful pots. Next to the bar counter is a sitting arrangement of two chairs facing each other with a table between them. The other seating arrangement consists of luxurious sofas with wooden tables and comfortably elegant chairs. The brown staircase is gorgeous and elaborate. This whole bar is a pleasant combination of colors and elegant furniture. 

This fancy place had modern values, for it does not allow any discrimination against the marginalized or oppressed groups of our widely diverse society. The members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to visit this place anytime they want. The staff is respectful and polite towards them, and they can enjoy themselves without fear of judgment at this place. This place is also popular for being a wonderful spot for a romantic getaway with your partner or spouse. A dinner at this place can be one of the best presents for Valentine’s day. The cocktails and other drinks offered at this place speak of this bar’s quality to its customers. No matter what the occasion, you will always love to have a drink at this place. You must visit this bar the first chance you get.


Monday nights are ideal for watching your favorite diva videos while sipping $5 Ketel One drinks.

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