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Cottontail Lounge Bar Scottsdale, Guide & Review

Cottontail Lounge is one of the most fun bars in Scottsdale. The ambiance is unique and allows the people to experience a different vibe from most of the bars in the area. The bartenders and the staff are trained to provide a chill and relaxed atmosphere. The outdoor pool is another plus feature, which allows you to beat the Arizona heat while sipping delicious cocktails. Moreover, shaded poolside tables will enable you to flaunt your summer body while sipping craft cocktails, which can be brought to you to buy the waiters who are attentive and responsive to your needs. The whole space is very sophisticated and has great furniture as well. The poolside can be decorated or set up within short notice for your poolside parties. Small gatherings with delicious cocktails and live music are an excellent way to spend time with your friends and family, and the Cottontail Lounge is the perfect place to do just that. The Bar is open all seven days a week so that you can enjoy your schedule. Moreover, you can make online reservations as well for convenience.
The brunch menu is quite diverse; it includes an Acai Bowl – famous among the patrons – and a BLT sandwich, unlike your regular BLT sandwich. This sandwich can fill you up nicely and has turkey bacon, wild arugula, fried egg, and cheese and is served with a side of fries. This sandwich is among the best brunch options at the Cottontail Lounge, pair this with a cocktail of your choice, and you can have the perfect brunch option.
The shareable platters range from $12 to $20, so you can eat as much as you like without going too hard on your wallet. Sandwiches and other sides are other things that you can enjoy with craft beers and cocktails.

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