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The Courtland Club is a live music venue, cocktail bar, and social club. Most evenings, we feature live DJ sets with the best local talent performing various tracks from various eras, genres, and locations, as well as Live Jazz every Sunday night. Pull over to listen to music, take a drink, and meet new people. The first visit to Courtland Club might be a little mysterious. With no signage and only a keypad on the front door, guests are left wondering what’s on the other side of the door and how they got inside in the first place. Turn the knob, and they’ll be waiting to greet you. Nothing makes us happier than witnessing people’s faces light up the first time they discover and appreciate Courtland Club. For a naughty social club with a warm and lively atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the Courtland Club. 

Located in a nondescript building (Providence sure does love its speakeasies), this space serves as both a cocktail bar and performance venue. Enjoy a sophisticated bar menu with items like a “funky shrimp cocktail” or a pork cutlet sandwich. The cocktail menu is abuzz with new and original flavors, and the Courtland Club’s beer and wine selection are fantastic. Suppose this seems like your place; come by on Sunday for live jazz and a luscious beverage while taking in the warm exposed brick vibe. This speakeasy is a hidden gem in the heart of the West End, serving creative drinks and pub grub. We came here late Friday night for a few beers and appetizers. My friend had previously visited here, but this was my first time. 

From the outside, it seemed to be a bar; I asked myself, “Are you sure that’s a bar?” But once inside, it was fantastic! There is live music and a DJ. The vibes were great, and the beverages and food were delicious. The bartenders were lovely as well. Recommend this place! I was at a small party, and we had dinner at an open bar. The service was outstanding. I cannot emphasize how wonderful each one of the staff was. The meal was fantastic! We ate appetizers, but the rest of the menu also looked excellent (I will be going back to try). The drinks were highly innovative and nicely balanced in flavor and alcohol. An excellent enjoyable place with a good atmosphere/crowd. The food and beverages were delicious, and the atmosphere was one-of-a-kind. 

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