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The Coyote Ugly Saloon is an outpost of a festive saloon chain with female bartenders, bartop dancing & body shots. The Coyote Ugly Saloon is a bustling hotspot with a lively atmosphere that invites visitors to dance and drink the night away. The crew shows off their abilities as they line dance for hours on top of the bar, inviting customers to join in on the fun. Come get your cowboy on at this one-of-a-kind pub with a terrific atmosphere. Here the sexy bartenders are quick to hop up on the bar and perform while still managing to drink their patrons under the table. Drink specials throughout the week and unparalleled entertainment make Coyote Ugly Saloon not just a bar but a must-see destination in Ybor City. With a clientele as diverse as its selection of American whiskeys, Coyote Ugly Saloon has something to offer everyone. 

This venue was Established in 1993. Strong drinks, sexy bartenders, and all the boot-stompin’ fun you can handle! Don’t just get drunk. Get UGLY! It was a friendly vibe for $5 to enter—pool tables, beer pong, excellent drinks, etc. The DJ was great! He played a lot of different music, and his mixes were lit. We had a great time. And ladies get free shots for dancing at the bar! The girls were super friendly there. I definitely would recommend it for a nice vibe and time! It was fun. So, I loved it, honestly. It’s all ages 21-40. The bartenders are beautiful and so lovely, and the Bouncers do an excellent job and are always walking around making sure everyone is ok and not getting too crazy. Definitely an excellent place to go to have some fun. 

Former bartender Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about her experiences at the Coyote Ugly Saloon in GQ magazine in 1997 in “The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon.” Jerry Bruckheimer’s business purchased the rights to the tale from Lovell, and he made the film Coyote Ugly based on the piece. The film was shot on a Los Angeles set, with exteriors in Manhattan. Coyote Ugly premiered in August 2000, starring Maria Bello as Lovell and Piper Perabo as a New York City wannabe musician who becomes the newest “Coyote.” It made almost US$110 million globally. So, this is one of the best and most fun bars Ybor City has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend this spot!

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