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Crab Knight Daytona Beach, Guide & Review

Crab Knight Daytona Beach is a great Rock Bar in Daytona Beach. What an awesome find in Daytona Beach! Crab Knight understands that the perfect meal starts with the perfect ingredients which is why their seafood is fresh, local, and sustainable. They set high standards and are involved in each of the processes of ensuring high quality seafood. This means they’re involved from the moment the seafood is caught and docked to the moment it’s processed. You can trust Crab Knight to provide you with these high quality ingredients at the best price. Crab Knight Daytona Beach creates the best dining experience for you and your family. Crab Knight is an exceedingly friendly and well managed club. They host lots of events and have a show room that’s intimate and fun! Wonderful meal! Wonderful environment!

Crab Knight Daytona Beach operates Sunday through Thursday from 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm, and Friday & Saturday from 1:00 pm – 12:00 am. Crab Knight Daytona Beach features delicious food; great atmosphere; chic decor; great crowd; large screen TVs to catch up with your favorite game; plenty of comfy seatings; strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced; great customer service; decent prices & great portions; great vibes; great music; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; plenty of comfy seatings; great friendly crowd; and friendly, attentive and knowledgeable bartenders. If you want to see a drag show though, get there really early. 

Definitely worth stopping there! This place is more of a novelty than anything else. Good looking spot. Crab Knight never disappoints! This place is top of the line! Pretty good new spot in north Daytona.

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