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Craft and Social is a contemporary hangout for craft beer, charcuterie & elevated American cafe fare with growlers. Enjoy a wicked experience and friendly service at one of El Paso‘s best restaurants. Craft and Social is ideal for families looking to sample delectable American fare, such as specialty salads. Awesome feeling. An excellent location to get a beer and relax. A good charcuterie platter and a fantastic selection of taps to pick from. A table was full of VHS movies, some of which would take you back in time. The service here is excellent! I adore this location. This is my first visit, but if I lived here, I’d be a regular. The beer was good. The service was excellent. The ambiance was terrific. A welcoming beer bar with light meals. Excellent beer selection and super friendly and helpful personnel. 

Furthermore, if you want to watch a random selection of VHS tapes, they have a TV ready to go and a vast collection. I enjoy the Avery beer here! Other pubs didn’t have a good beer selection, but this bar improved my day by having an excellent assortment of craft beers. I was happy to have the opportunity to try something new here! Cute little place. Great stop if you want a draft and some good food to pair with it. We are clear about the drinks available. The drinks are beers, ciders, and ale. If those aren’t for you, they have sodas and water. The menu had charcuterie boards, salads, and sandwiches. The place is small and cozy, so if you like party bar vibes, go elsewhere. 

This place is for you if you enjoy a good conversation over food and drinks. Parking is nearby paid lots, or you can find a street park if you find some. Craft and Social is fantastic! The owner, Omar, is very approachable. I had a lot of pleasure conversing with him while eating and drinking beers. The meal is fantastic, and it is clear that everything is produced fresh in-house. The hummus was delicious, and the foghorn sandwich was incredible. There are many taste levels, and the cucumber chips are ideal. So, the craft beer selection is excellent, especially for a tiny establishment. I would revisit this venue the next time I’m in El Paso. I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough! If you’re in town, stop by! So, this spot is one of the best in El Paso!

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