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Crafty Irishman Public House Bar Dallas , Guide & Review

Crafty Irishman is not just a good name – this Irish downtown pub offers the best ride fare from the British Isles including bangers & mash, shepherd pie, Scotch eggs, fish and chips, traditional breakfast Irish, and international variations of Irish preferences like fried beef and cabbage (looks like a deep-fried egg). It maintains a large selection of local handmade beers and other international standings that are greatly enjoyed on its outdoor balcony. The Irish bar located on the ground floor of the historic Mercantile Building is a favorite of downtown Dallas, thanks to delicious food, smart bartenders, and a selection of beer and beverages beyond belief. Scotch eggs and shepherd’s pie are outstanding, and they serve their beer and cider at room temperature. They maintain customer convenient hours: 10 am 2 am daily. The handsome owner Alan Kearney, a native of Ireland, is easy to find; listen to his music brogue. Located peacefully and humbly under the historic Mercantile Building, the Crafty Irishman Public House is the first of its kind in the heart of Dallas. Farther away from the crowded sports bars and official restaurants nearby, locals and businesses alike will find a small meeting place for ordinary faces, tempting dishes, and taps unaware of the taps. An area owned and operated by a Dublin native, all details of The Crafty Irishman are deeply rooted in Irish culture. International speeches offer a great backdrop to get out of Dallas and enter the Land of Thousands of Welcome.

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