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Cross Hands Bar Bristol, Guide & Review

The bars in Bristol are exciting and attractive. A city must have interesting bars where a customer would not get bored. Unlike traditional old-fashioned bars, these bars do not only deal in drinks. These bars make sure that the customers get some of the best drinks ever and keep enjoying themselves while they are there. Bristol is not devoid of such bars that have more to offer than a traditional bar. One such exciting bar in Bristol is Cross Hands. This bar meets all your expectations regarding drinks, ambiance, customer service, etc. 

The interior of this bar is exciting and creative. The floor is carpeted, and the bar counter is a fancy wooden structure. Next to this bar counter, there are comfortable red-colored stools. There are also artistically carved wooden chairs and small stools to sit in. The red and brown color of the interior make the color scheme appear coordinated. In short, the interior of this bar is inviting and beautiful. As far as customer service is concerned, staff members know their stuff. The staff deals with the customers politely and respectfully. The customers’ orders are not delayed and are brought to them almost immediately. The ambiance of this bar is homely, and you feel relaxed and welcomed here. The atmosphere is casual; therefore, you can either have pleasant and fun conversations with your friends or sit back and relax for a while. 

The cocktails of this bar are some of the best, and people come from different parts of the city to try them out. The other alcoholic drinks are also great and meet the customers’ expectations. People have alcoholic drinks like beer, alcohol, wine, etc., to feel the pleasure they usually lack in their lives. Therefore, these drinks act like therapy for many people. As far as the drinks of this bar are concerned, people are happy with them. This bar also allows sports lovers to gather and enjoy the games they love. The arrangements for airing sports at this bar are good, and the sports lovers that visit here are happy with it. If you are looking for a good bar, then this bar is one of the best options for you. You must visit it soon, and enjoy yourself.


Monday nights are ideal for watching your favorite diva videos while sipping $5 Ketel One drinks.

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