Curtn, A Simple Review

Curtn is a fantastic dating app used by individuals for several reasons. This app works a little differently as it does not use simple texts to start a conversation. Instead, video greetings are the main feature. Curtn humanizes online dating as it naturally portrays people. 

They can upload videos doing their thing. This can make them more relatable and gives a better insight into how people are in real life, which heavily edited pictures used on other apps can’t do. This unique feature allows you to show off your creativity and attract people because of your personality. 

Texting is not the best to communicate as you can’t express yourself fully, but through these video greetings, you can express yourself. There are a few cons to using this website as the user database is still relatively small, so you might have trouble finding a potential match.

Moreover, this app has one more feature, which makes it a little less desirable, and that is the fact that you won’t get a lot of matches every day. You can’t keep on swiping right or left because there is a limited number of profiles shown per day. So you might need to wait for the next day to continue lifting, which makes it a little bit time-consuming. You should check out this app if you’re in Anchorage and are looking for a date.

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