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Dahabia Club Cairo, Guide & Review

Dahabia Club is a nightclub in Giza, Egypt. The place is good and the prices are good and the service is good but the place is small. Enjoy every moment when you are at Dahabia Club. The best variety theater in Egypt Cairo. The disco is a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, organized and diligently respected venue.

When you are Dahabia then be assured you are with Stars. Many a grand and cosmopolitan riverside city across the world will feature – as standard issue – a selection of methods by which one can experience the river that runs through it.

For years however, when it came to the Nile, experiences beyond Egypt’s famed Luxor-Aswan Nile cruises had been frustratingly limited. Enjoy every moment of your life in luxury in one place in Dahabia Cairo Club. You will definitely go to Dahabia at a speed of thunder because you will feel life with them. When life is giving you more chances, give it more non-stopping dances in Dahabia Cairo Club. 

The Dahabia Cairo Club is indeed vibrant, energetic, edgy, yet sophisticated. Check Dahabia Club official Facebook page for the week’s events:


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