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DAMA Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Lively and Vibrant dinner spot. DAMA is a Latin-inspired restaurant and bar with a deco-tropical designed by partners Antonio Lofaso, Pablo Moix, Mario Guddemi and Salvatore Aurora (Scopa Italian Roots, The Chestnut Club, Black Market Liquor Bar, Old Lighting) located in the Fashion District, Downtown Los Angeles at City Market South. The former Pacific Banana Co. building has been transformed into a lush indoor and outdoor cocktail bar and outdoor patio with exceptional food and beverage offering. The expansive 5,000 sq. ft. venue features a plush indoor lounge, three private terraces, a large outdoor patio and can seat up to 190 guests. The location is really nice, especially the interior decor of the surrounding bar area.

The top-notch Cocktail menu designed by Pablo Moix combines both classic and tropical favorites executed with precision, technique, and consistency. Chef Lofaso’s menu is filled with shareable flavor forward dishes, all of which were inspired by her travels to Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean countries. Beautiful location in the fashion district with a multitude of small plate options and a couple of large plates.

DAMA features a nice vibe, cool interior, on-point cocktails, fantastic bartenders and staff, the overall ambiance and aesthetic are very chic with deco tropical vibes, hip atmosphere, strong tasty drinks, scenic views, very romantic and has a great bar area, and excellent quick service. Highly recommended checking out this spot for an amazing experience with your friends or date night out. See you tonight at DAMA.

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