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Dance On The Edge Sacramento, Guide & Review

Hope you are having a great day! It’s time to create great memories dancing and having amazing Dance Lessons to improve or have skills. This is possible at Dance on the Edge, Dance club and nightclub located in Sacramento, United States. They create free, family friendly and fun public dance events in beautiful outdoor locations throughout Sacramento.

Latin dance events, amazing beer gardens, learn Salsa outdoors, with the sun setting, and the river flowing. It’s all about Sunset + Bistro lights = Great night of dancing. They love seeing friends catching up with each other in-between dances. It is a kind of mid-reunions every time there is a dance. Dance on the Edge nightclub has monthly dance and music experience on Saturdays and features dance and musical performances by awesome DJs and artists. They highlight events in an open accessibility dance and music to the public. 

In courtesy of Dance on the Edge nightclub you will have an opportunity to discover how Salsa and Bachata create unforgettable memories in the community by spreading the night dancing alongside the Sacramento river. What an unforgettable summer experience! In-between the dance lessons there is Theatre of light shows and the shows are performed on K street on top of building rooftop. Their main reason for hosting events is seeing the smiles and hearing laughter during lessons. Lessons help people break out of their shells, meet new people, and primes the night for an awesome experience. 

Amazing atmosphere, great music, fun time with the family, dance performances, artists, and activities throughout the night. Dance on the Edge club have indeed done a marvelous job creating a fun, inclusive and space for folks of all ages to come together and enjoy each other’s company to dance. See you soon at Dance on the Edge nightclub. It’s the time you start dancing with your friends and everyone starts to follow you.

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